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About Us

At BIM Drafting Solutions, headquartered in Ahmedabad, we pioneer BIM services globally. Our expertise in BIM drafting and modeling transforms architectural visions into intelligent 3D models. With a commitment to precision, innovation, and global collaboration, we redefine the future of construction, from start to finish.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top-notch BIM drafting solutions that bring architectural and MEP designs to life with precision and excellence.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the BIM industry by providing innovative and comprehensive solutions for efficient project planning and execution.

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Meet Maherban Ali Patel, the visionary CEO & Founder of BIMDrafting Solutions, with five years of experience shaping innovative solutions in Building Information Modeling (BIM). He embarked on his journey driven by a passion to modernize traditional drafting practices.

Maherban's expertise has deepened over time, enabling him to navigate the complexities of BIM implementation. His leadership has elevated BIM Drafting Solutions to a pinnacle of industry excellence and trustworthiness.

Excellence pervades every facet of the company's operations under Maherban's stewardship. From conception to completion, each project is executed with precision and professionalism.

Under his guidance, the company has forged a reputation for consistently surpassing client expectations. Maherban's strategic vision and hands-on approach have fostered growth and innovation within the organization.

As CEO & Founder, Maherban remains committed to pushing drafting solutions to new heights, continuously redefining industry standards and setting unparalleled benchmarks for excellence.

MaherbanAli Patel

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Our Firm Practice Areas

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We Complete Every Step Carefully

01 BIM Project Planning

Develop a plan for success by identifying stakeholders, defining objectives, and outlining the project goals.Our BIM services carefully create a robust BIM Execution Plan (BEP), seamlessly aligning resources with project participants.

02 Model Development and Coordination

Work collaboratively to develop a detailed 3D BIM model, ensuring compliance with the specified Level of Detail (LOD). Make sure to detect and resolve clashes to maintain model integrity. Our guidance not only enforces BIM standards but also ensures stringent quality control.

03 Construction and Collaboration

Integrate 4D and 5D BIM for sequencing and cost optimization. Ensure interdisciplinary coordination through real-time collaboration. We offer on-site support, diligently monitoring the dynamic as-built modeling process.

04 Documentation, Handover, and Improvement

Compile project documentation with utmost precision.Our comprehensive training in BIM data use guarantees efficient facility management. Evaluate post-implementation, glean valuable lessons, and implement improvements for future projects.

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Our Services

Our Top Services In Architectural Department

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BIM Modeling utilizes Revit software to create digital representations of building projects, enabling collaborative design, clash detection, and MEPF services integration for efficient construction management.

revit modeling bimdraftingsolutions


Revit Modeling utilizes Autodesk Revit software to construct accurate 3D models of buildings, facilitating architectural design, structural analysis, and MEPF services integration for comprehensive construction planning and execution.

revit family creation bimdraftingsolutions


Revit Family Creation designs custom building elements within Autodesk Revit software, enabling the creation of bespoke components tailored to specific project requirements for enhanced architectural detailing and construction accuracy.

3d modeling and rendering bimdraftingsolutions


3D Modeling and Rendering produces lifelike visualizations of architectural designs, incorporating intricate details and realistic lighting effects to showcase projects accurately and attractively for presentations and marketing materials.

 mepf services bimdraftingsolutions


MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection) Services encompass comprehensive engineering solutions for building systems, including design, installation, maintenance, and optimization, ensuring efficient and sustainable operation of building infrastructure.

ar vr creation bimdraftingsolutions


AR VR Creation leverages augmented and virtual reality technologies to develop immersive experiences for architectural visualization and interactive presentations, enabling stakeholders to explore and engage with designs in realistic virtual environments.

 clash detection bimdraftingsolutions


Clash Detection identifies and resolves conflicts between building components in digital models, enhancing construction efficiency by preventing clashes before they occur during the actual building process, saving time and costs.

 cad drafting bimdraftingsolutions


CAD Drafting produces precise technical drawings for construction projects, utilizing computer-aided design software to create detailed plans, elevations, and sections that serve as blueprints for accurate building implementation and fabrication

shop driwingsbimdraftingsolutions


Shop Drawings provide detailed diagrams based on architectural and engineering plans, specifically tailored for fabrication and installation of building components, ensuring accuracy and alignment with design specifications during construction..