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BIMdrafting Solutions offers comprehensive BIM Modeling services to optimize building project planning, design, and construction. Our expert team uses advanced BIM software to create accurate 3D models that integrate architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. These intelligent models ensure seamless collaboration and up-to-date information for all stakeholders.

We specialize in clash detection to resolve design conflicts early, reducing costly revisions and delays. Our services also include 4D scheduling and 5D cost estimation for improved project management and budgeting. By leveraging BIM technology, we enhance efficiency, project outcomes, and sustainability. Whether for new constructions, renovations, or infrastructure projects, BIMdrafting Solutions delivers tailored services that drive innovation and excellence in the construction industry.


Our BIM Modeling Services

Structural BIM Modeling

Structural BIM Modeling involves creating digital representations of building structures. It integrates architectural and engineering data to produce detailed 3D models, enhancing collaboration, accuracy, and efficiency throughout the design, analysis, and construction phases of a project.

Structural Quantity

Structural Quantity Takeoff involves quantifying materials needed for structural components in construction projects. It includes estimating quantities of concrete, steel, and other materials based on structural drawings and specifications. This process ensures accurate cost estimation, procurement planning, and resource management for building projects.

Structural Steel Shop Drawings

Structural steel shop drawings are detailed plans created for fabricating and erecting steel components in construction projects. They include precise dimensions, connections, and other specifications required for manufacturing steel elements like beams, columns, and trusses. These drawings facilitate accurate fabrication and assembly of structural steel components onsite.

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Our Work Process

01 BIM Project Planning

Develop a plan for success by identifying stakeholders, defining objectives, and outlining the project goals.Our BIM services carefully create a robust BIM Execution Plan (BEP), seamlessly aligning resources with project participants.

02 Model Development and Coordination

Work collaboratively to develop a detailed 3D BIM model, ensuring compliance with the specified Level of Detail (LOD). Make sure to detect and resolve clashes to maintain model integrity. Our guidance not only enforces BIM standards but also ensures stringent quality control.

03 Construction and Collaboration

Integrate 4D and 5D BIM for sequencing and cost optimization. Ensure interdisciplinary coordination through real-time collaboration. We offer on-site support, diligently monitoring the dynamic as-built modeling process.

04 Documentation, Handover, and Improvement

Compile project documentation with utmost precision.Our comprehensive training in BIM data use guarantees efficient facility management. Evaluate post-implementation, glean valuable lessons, and implement improvements for future projects.


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