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BIMdrafting Solutions offers expert Revit Modeling services to optimize building project efficiency. Our skilled team creates detailed, accurate Revit BIM models for architectural, structural, and MEP systems, transforming 2D drawings into comprehensive 3D models. These data-rich models enhance collaboration among architects, engineers, and contractors, ensuring up-to-date information and seamless project coordination.

Our services include clash detection to identify and resolve design conflicts early, reducing revisions and delays. We also provide 4D scheduling and 5D cost estimation for improved project management and budgeting. By leveraging advanced BIM technology, we help clients achieve higher efficiency, better project outcomes, and enhanced sustainability. Experience seamless collaboration and streamlined construction with BIMdrafting Solutions' specialized Revit Modeling services.

Revit Modeling

Our REVIT Modeling Services

Revit Architecture Services

We create structural steel models for builders, construction firms, contractors, and fabricators that can be directly used to fabricate the steel elements. Our comprehensive services encompass 3D modeling, steel detailing, rebar detailing, and more, ensuring precision and efficiency throughout the structural domain.

Revit Structural Modeling

Revit Architecture Services involve utilizing Autodesk Revit software to create comprehensive architectural designs. These services encompass conceptualization, drafting, modeling, and documentation of building projects. Revit architecture streamlines the design process, enhances collaboration, and enables efficient project management, leading to high-quality architectural solutions.

Revit MEPF Modeling

Revit MEPF Modeling employs Autodesk Revit software to generate detailed 3D models of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems in buildings. These models integrate seamlessly with architectural and structural elements, enabling coordinated design, analysis, and documentation for enhanced efficiency and collaboration in construction projects.

Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM is a process that involves converting point cloud data obtained from 3D laser scanning into Building Information Modeling (BIM) models. This technique enables accurate representation of existing building conditions, facilitating renovation, retrofitting, and facility management processes with enhanced precision and efficiency.

Revit Family creation

Revit Family Creation involves developing custom parametric families within Autodesk Revit software to represent building components such as furniture, fixtures, equipment, and structural elements. These families are tailored to project requirements, enabling consistency, flexibility, and accuracy in BIM models for architectural and engineering design.

Steel Detailing

Steel detailing is the process of creating detailed drawings and plans for the fabrication and erection of structural steel components in construction projects. These drawings include precise dimensions, connections, and specifications, ensuring accurate manufacturing and assembly of steel elements such as beams, columns, and trusses.

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Our Work Process

01 BIM Project Planning

Develop a plan for success by identifying stakeholders, defining objectives, and outlining the project goals.Our BIM services carefully create a robust BIM Execution Plan (BEP), seamlessly aligning resources with project participants.

02 Model Development and Coordination

Work collaboratively to develop a detailed 3D BIM model, ensuring compliance with the specified Level of Detail (LOD). Make sure to detect and resolve clashes to maintain model integrity. Our guidance not only enforces BIM standards but also ensures stringent quality control.

03 Construction and Collaboration

Integrate 4D and 5D BIM for sequencing and cost optimization. Ensure interdisciplinary coordination through real-time collaboration. We offer on-site support, diligently monitoring the dynamic as-built modeling process.

04 Documentation, Handover, and Improvement

Compile project documentation with utmost precision.Our comprehensive training in BIM data use guarantees efficient facility management. Evaluate post-implementation, glean valuable lessons, and implement improvements for future projects.


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